Aug 9, 2011

AVIA 880

Avia is my favorite kicks brand...


  1. Found an old photo of me wearing my Avia 880's from 1990 and decided to Google them. I loved these things. I played a lot of ball in them in 89'-90' at High School. I started using them on outdoor courts and the heels of the concave soles wore out pretty fast. I remember John Salley of the Pistons and Robert Parish of the Celtics wore them during the '89 season. Robert wore black one's though. I purchased 880's in 89' and then Air Jordan 4's in black in early '90. Nice walk down memory lane for me

  2. I want to buy these. Do anybody know where can I get these from

    1. Hi, I have a never used pair Avia 880 shoes in size 10 US exactly the same model above, how much would you give for them? they are still in the box, give me your mail in order to send you pics, if you want

    2. Hey Man I'm looking for Avia 880!! White?

      Still on sale? how much?